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The RAP (Recording Artist and Producer) Fund is an innovative scheme designed to support New Zealand artists by ensuring that their portion of licence fees and royalties collected by PPNZ are distributed directly to them as soon as possible.

Featured performers (i.e. not session musicians/contract musicians) are entitled to register in the RAP Fund if they are both a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident, and the sound recording copyright ownership originates in New Zealand.

Artists and producers of recordings registered with the RAP Fund get 50% each of the income payable. "Producers" in this context means the owner of the master tape. Artists in a group need to declare a "nominated claimant" for their share. If a person is both the artist performing on the recording and owns the master recording, that person would receive 100% of the income payable.

Both the Artist and the Producer need to register with the RAP Fund. If New Zealand based artists choose not to register with the RAP Fund then all income received by PPNZ will be paid to the relevant copyright holder - often the record label/distributor. Any distribution from the label to the artist would then be determined by the terms of individual contracts between the parties.

The RAP Fund is free and easy to join - just contact Dean Cameron at dean@ppnz.co.nz

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